Our farm is about 700m over the sea-level directly on the edge of the town "Lassing". The farm exists since 1305.


Since 1994 we (Brigitte and Georg MANDL) are owner of the farm. We have two children.


Children can play around the farm and they can  see our 40 cattle, two sheeps and some cats all the time.

In front of the house is a parking space for you.  It is possible to put your bikes in a big shed. In our cellar there is a room to dry your ski and boots.


cow with calf;  below: twins two hours after birth and a calf from nov 2013










Our farm has 17ha
meadow and pasture and
99ha wood.

 In our wood all men of 
the family go hunting.










                                                                                                                                  side view of our house in the winter


                 our farm                                                   in the winter 2005/2006, our son Florian put the snow away from the roof


on the left side the small town Lassing in the middle our farm and the "Hochkar-toll-gate"